Undergraduate Admissions

Here’s Your Chance to Tell Us All About You

Applying to college is exciting. We are excited, too! We are eager to get to know you better—your background, your achievements and your goals for the future. All that happens when you apply, and we try to make the application process as clear and uncomplicated as possible.

There are, of course, procedures to follow and requirements to meet in order to ensure that we can make an informed admissions decision. This section of the Wentworth website is dedicated to giving you the information you need to pull together a complete and compelling application. 

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If you wish to transfer from another school, visit Transfer Student Admissions.

If you are an international student, visit International Student Admissions.

We have information specifically for parents of prospective students and high school counselors.

We also invite you to meet our:

Thanks for choosing Wentworth! We can’t wait to learn more about you.